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Cynthia Day

Founder/Broker/Accredited Luxury Home Specialist at Trusted Estate Team

I’m a Luxury Residential Real Estate Professional who has dedicated my life to my own continuous personal and professional growth and self awareness, as well as the exponential growth of others. I’ve gained a real passion for Real Estate, and in doing so, have created a vehicle that allows me to make important differences in peoples lives; whether I’m helping someone transition into their dream home, or I’m helping another individual/professional to recognize and harness the very best in themselves.

I can finally say I’m living my dream… as well as my purpose.

Desi Dusina

Real Estate Professional

Born in Denver Colorado, Desi (Desmond) lived there until 25 years of age.  Studied and graduated with education degrees from the University of Colorado. Studied at Denver University simultaneously during high school and was active in music performance including a part time professional career that spanned 40+ years.  Desi taught Music, Skiing and Tae Kwon Do simultaneously during and after college. Transferred as a store manager and regional trainer for Silo appliance-audio-video stores, Kansas City became home for the next 25 years.  Silo was the fastest growing specialty-retailer in the country, selling to Dixons in 1986. A 33 year career in Automotive -Finance Management began in 1986 and has occupied the last 33 years with the latest emphasis on dealer group and manufacturer’s advertising campaigns.  As a Regional Finance Director, the 30 year assignment with the Van Tuyl Automotive Group ended when the organization sold their business to Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway in 2014.  Van Tuyl, or V.T. Inc. was the largest privately owned automotive group in the country.  Helping to buy, develop and sell automotive dealerships is not unlike selling homes and helping families improve their standard of life.  Attention to detail while providing a smooth and efficient process keeps our team’s clients happy at Trusted Estate Team Realty. A Christian, active in the church and community, Desi has 3 children and 2 grand daughters.

Natalee Parker

Real Estate Professional

Natalee Parker is our team trainer EXTRAORDINAIRE  at Trusted Results Realty, Dallas! Her phenomenal ability to lead, coach, and grow her team and businesses is a result of her genuine passion for helping people see their dreams fulfilled. She has done so by helping Dr. ‘s turn their practices around from almost closing the door to now becoming a profitable company dominating their market share.  In one practice, the numbers shot through the roof at 230% growth margin within a year. What attracted Natalee to transition into real estate is, as she would like to say, “I helped people to achieve the dreams of feeling beautiful and confident inside & out, to now helping people realize their dream of finding the right home that fits their lifestyle.” Aside from receiving joy from helping people, Natalee has several passions, one includes her love of chocolate. She loves it so much that she named her two adorable doodles, Reeses and Buttercup, whom she loves dearly. And of course, her favorite hobby is shopping!

Natalie Binder

Real Estate Professional

Hello Hello! My name is Natalie Binder and I was born and raised in the DFW area. I’m originally from Garland, TX but moved to Dallas right after high school. I attended the University of North Texas to get my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. I have a background in retail and medical Sales Management and a passion for helping people as much as possible!! I took an interest in Real Estate while traveling abroad as much as I could (pre-pandemic).  This turned into my full-time passion project when I had to force myself to stay in one spot during quarantine. The year 2020 turned into a blessing.  It helped me slow down and figure out what I enjoyed the most in life, which is helping people and Real Estate… so, I decided to combine them! I love helping buyers, sellers, renters, and investors find their dream home or project that really helps them achieve the things they ultimately want to do in life. I’m here to make the process fun, easy breezy, and stress free!! During my free time I’m usually looking at houses for fun, shopping, or hanging with friends by the pool during this crazy Texas heat! I’m a Texan through and through, so I really am the expert in this DFW area! I know I can help you find that perfect house we all dream of owning. Let’s turn dreams into reality!!